Anonymous asked:
If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself is it considered a hostage situation?

Its called mental disorder or depression but it is consider as suicide. Attempting to kill yourself.

Anonymous asked:
What is your abs workout program?

Its P90X 3 times a week its nice when you also do it before bedtime .

Anonymous asked:
Bed action painful moment?

Being left with a erected gun and can’t move.

Anonymous asked:
Please please if you saw me smile at me!

I dont know you haha how will i know who to smile at?

is this means i should smile at everyone??? whenever i see them?? 

Anonymous asked:
Did you ever became a asshole to a girl? or never? if yes, why

Yes , 

I have a bad temper especially when in terms of misunderstanding me 
if you didn’t able to understand my point of view i get mad so mad that i will walk out on you or simply be quiet and let you do whatever you want and piss you off even more by following you sarcastically until you surrender and try to calm down and talk it out with me.

but even tho i have a bad temper i never ever landed a hand on a girl no matter how mad i am.. i just can’t i look at a girl thinking that this girl is gonna be a mom someday like my mom and i don’t like the thought of someone hits my mom and i have a highly respect for females.